Radio on an iPod

How to Use Radio on an iPod

The iPod, being the premier portable music player, is known for its cool features and add-ons. With its large capacity, you can call it a handheld music library, as it plays mp3 and m4a files. If you think that’s enough, you can now use the iPod to listen to the radio. How? Just purchase an iPod FM tuner. They’re super cheap now. All you need is the kit and some earbuds and you’re ready to listen to your favorite radio stations on your iPod. We suggest the Jaybird F5 earbuds, they’re the best we’ve found.

Using the iPod Tuner

The FM tuner is an add-on that catches radio signals and broadcasts them through your iPod. With the iPod’s current popularity, the device is pretty abundant. You can purchase it in most electronics stores at a fairly affordable price. To use the gadget, just follow the procedure:

  1. Connect the peripheral to the dock connector and switch your iPod on.
  2. A “Radio” option will appear on the music menu once the tuner is hooked up.
  3. Delve into the setting and from there, you can search for radio stations.
  4. Program your favorite stations, by clicking on the center button, to eliminate search times during succeeding uses.
  5. Be sure to set the correct radio region in the settings, otherwise your iPod won’t be able to pick up radio stations.

The tuner is compatible with the more recent iPod models, given their technological advancements. It won’t run on the early generation iPods, since the devices’ programming and interface can’t support the tuner’s requirements.

Remote Control and Connectible Antenna

The developers of the iPod tuner added extras to make the device even more convenient to use. The device normally comes with a remote control and a connectible antenna. From a distance, you can switch stations and play music using the remote control. It is supported only by the iPod Nano and fifth generations iPods, so better take note. As for the antenna, it is connected to the headphones port, where it can pick up radio signals clearly. And it now has wireless earbuds using Bluetooth.

Tune In

The iPod tuner adds another dimension to your iPod listening experience. You can finally listen to the hippest radio stations whenever you get tired of listening to your music library. You can even pick up more ideas for music downloads while tuning in. Just plug in the tuner and you’re in-tune to the best music.

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