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January 16, 2017

Lymph nodes: usually a harmless phenomenon

You suddenly feel a knot in your neck, under your arm or in your groin. One of your lymph nodes has been set. The first reaction is usually a shock. In 99 of 100 cases is however not necessary. In fact; it means that your body does its job well. Probably you have a wound somewhere, or perhaps you have suffered a harmless infection. Your lymphatic system than does its utmost to fight harmful invaders.


In addition to the vascular system, we have a second system in our body: the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a network of lymph nodes which are connected to each other via lymphatic vessels. The lymphatic vessels run virtually parallel to the blood vessels.

The function of the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system has three important functions in our body. In the first place, the excess fluid and waste products that sit off around the cells in our body. The colorless liquid (lymph) is collected in the lymph vessels. Through the lymphatic vessels behind the clavicle, the liquid is dispensed from our blood. Because the lymph vessels are provided with valves that operate only one way, the lymph can not flow back from the blood to the lymph vessels. The lymph vessels carry besides liquid also fat we ingest through our food. They pick up the digested fat from the intestinal tract and to give it off to our blood.

For the lymph enters the lymph vessels, the first flows through a large number of lymph nodes. These glands contain white blood cells (lymphocytes) that can make pathogens (viruses, bacteria) harmless. Also, they form antibodies. The purified lymph, together with antibodies, eventually issued by the lymph vessels to the blood. Through the blood of the antibodies can be used to combat viruses and bacteria elsewhere in the body. Lymph nodes are not for nothing called the purification stations of our body.

If there is an infection with viruses, bacteria or other pathogens, lymph nodes should expect stern. The white blood cells (lymphocytes) in the lymph nodes then multiply very quickly. This ensures that set up the lymph nodes. In most cases, a swollen lymph node also just a sign that your body does its job well.

In our body, we have as many as 600 nodes. The glands are located together in groups in the armpits, along with the trachea, to the lungs, in the intestines and the back of the abdominal cavity, in the pelvic region and the groin. Most lymph glands lie just under the skin and are therefore easy to feel like they are set up. Especially in the neck, armpit and groin, often quickly fall enlarged lymph nodes. The lymph nodes in the abdomen and between the lungs can not be felt, even if they are set up.

Causes of enlarged lymph nodes

The most common causes of enlarged lymph nodes have an infection or a wound (you). Very occasionally, there is a so-called systemic disease. A single time is an enlargement of the lymph nodes caused by a malignant disorder of the lymph nodes by itself or a metastasis of cancer that originated elsewhere in the body.


In a vast majority of the cases, it is a swollen lymph node caused by inflammation as a result of a viral, bacterial, parasitic or fungal infection. Each lymph node ‘serves’ a specific area in your body. The lymph node inflammation is in whose area goes to work to make the pathogens and harmless swells. Especially in the neck are often swollen lymph nodes occur. An innocent colds, sore throats, cold sores (which is also caused by a virus) or influenza is usually the cause of this. Especially when children are swollen lymph glands in the neck so common that it is almost stranger to it – after good look – not to find, but to find one or several. A prolonged swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck is often caused by mononucleosis. In a bladder infection or infections on your feet or legs, lymph nodes will be set up in your groin and an infection on your hands or arms, the lymph nodes in your armpit go to work. The swelling of the lymph nodes disappears once the pathogens are eliminated. This usually takes a few weeks.


On our skin and in our area there are always countless bacteria. When a wound (you) your skin is broken, these bacteria can easily penetrate your body. This also almost always happens when you have a wound. That did not become infected, most wounds; you’ll almost always be attributed to the work of your lymph nodes. In some people, is only the smallest wound already sufficient to allow swelling of the lymph glands in the immediate vicinity? The swelling of the lymph nodes disappears once the pathogens are eliminated. This usually takes a few weeks.

Systemic diseases

Systemic diseases are diseases that cause damage to the whole body, for example, in all the nerve cells, blood cells or tissue cells. Certain system diseases can lead to the creation of the lymph nodes. In most cases, than the lymph nodes enlarged in large part of your body or the whole body. Examples include rheumatoid arthritis (the connective tissue of several joints is lit simultaneously, and is deformed), fibromyalgia (muscle fibers wither away and replaced by connective tissue), and lupus erythematosus (a connective tissue disease in which the body produces antibodies against endogenous substances). When the swelling of the lymph nodes is caused by a systemic disease, it does not often have prolonged existence.

Malignant disorders

In a very small minority of the cases, an enlarged lymph node is caused by a malignant disorder of the lymph gland itself (Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma), or by a metastasis of cancer that is started elsewhere in the body. With Hodgkin lymphoma will uncontrolled cell growth instead of the lymphatic tissue in the body and usually in the organs. Often the immune system severely weakened. The disease often starts as a painless, swollen lymph gland harder and larger than a normal stuffed lymph node. The swelling continues persisted. After some time, multiple lymph nodes will set up in the body. When the disease is more advanced, also lead to other symptoms such as fever, weight loss, itching and night sweats. Hodgkin’s lymphoma is treatable with early detection. In non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, there is also a malignant proliferation of lymphoid tissue. The disease causes largely the same symptoms as Hodgkin’s lymphoma but takes malicious.


When in doubt, go to the doctor

In the vast majority of cases to take the lymph nodes after a few weeks of their normal size by itself again. Sometimes it is wise to go to the doctor. Do you have besides the enlarged lymph nodes also suffer from other symptoms such as severe fatigue, high fever or severe weight loss, it is advisable to visit the doctor. Even if the swelling after a week or three is not yet gone, you better just go to the doctor. If not one, but several lymph nodes have been set up in your body or when, after an injury, suddenly red marks on your skin gets running to the lymph node of the wound, a visit to the doctor wisely. In the latter case, there may be an inflammation of the lymph node itself and should be treated with medication.

The doctor will first ask a few questions: how long is the enlarged lymph nodes are present, the glands hurt, there are more complaints, you have something on your body a wound (you), you might run a risk of infection ( For example, you have been in the tropics, have you had contact with animals), etc .. the doctor will then examine the enlarged lymph node. He at this moment viewing include the consistency of the gland (a soft, soft gland is usually harmless), the size of the gland, or set up multiple glands, or even the surrounding tissue has been established and that the skin red and warm (this usually indicates inflammation).

If the doctor does not trust it, he will forward it to the hospital. This will have to identify the cause of the swollen lymph node (s) with additional research. This research often consists of blood tests, X-rays, a puncture and/or biopsy.

Average apparent at around 1% of the people who come to the doctor with an inexplicably large lymph node, seemed to be a malignancy. An enlarged lymph node in the vast majority of cases, therefore, a harmless phenomenon and just a sign of a well-functioning body. When in doubt, however, it is always wise to go to the doctor.

December 27, 2016

Alchemilla (lady’s mantle) for maintaining healthy joints

Alchemilla Vulgaris or lady’s mantle is a special plant of the rose family. Extract Alchemilla is used in supplements for maintaining healthy joints and cartilage. Naturopaths claim that it can help to keep joints in good condition. In supplements, it is often combined with glucosamine, one agent which is known that it can help to reduce inflammation in the joints and to maintain the synovial which functions as a lubricant for the joints.


The content of the article:

  • Flexible joints and healthy cartilage: key
  • Alchemilla and flexible joints
  • Taking glucosamine
  • Availability alchemilla

Flexible joints and healthy cartilage: key

When we talk about a joint, we have in fact a connection between two bones between which movement is possible. The bones may be connected to each other using a bony fusion, but also by cartilage or connective tissue. Also, the human body has synovial joints. Here, there is a joint cavity filled with a viscous liquid which is called synovial fluid is called fluid or synovial. This moisture creates a smooth movement of the joint and prevents the painful bones collapse together if it hurts when you have to catch a shock if, for example, you step off a step. Another function of the synovial fluid is discharging waste to be produced in the joint.

The cartilage is a form of connective tissue. Because of the extracellular matrix (ECM) of the cartilage is very elastic, and also be able to withstand great pressure so that it can act as a kind of pad. Cartilage is unfortunately quite susceptible to damage. When you walk up repeated injuries or joint overloaded the cartilage matrix may be damaged. The length of the cells is reduced so that the cartilage can retain less moisture and essential glycosaminoglycans may leak. Therefore the cartilage is less able to absorb the shocks given during everyday activities.


Alchemilla and flexible joints

As we age, then take the quality of the joints and cartilage off. Also, problems may arise here under the influence of injuries. However, there are some supplements which may have a beneficial effect on the joints and the cartilage, and thus can make a contribution to the health thereof. One of these agents is alchemilla, also known as Alchemilla Vulgaris. It is a relatively rare plant of the rose family.


Scientists were centuries ago captivated all immensely by the alchemilla vulgar or lady’s mantle. The special feature of the plant is that at night in the margin of the plant dew droplets form which are collected in the cup. Alchemists believed earlier this elixir to be able to make that would lead to eternal life. These alchemists the plant its name.

By naturopaths are claimed alchemilla can make a positive contribution to the smooth holding of the joints. This would do it because it helps to keep in good condition of the synovial fluid that needs the joints to function properly. This argument is not supported by scientific publications. Alchemilla in supplements is often combined with the better-known glucosamine, whose action it is scientifically proven. This is also registered as a medicine.

Young woman exercising yoga

Taking glucosamine

Glucosamine is one of the building blocks of cartilage. Taking glucosamine has anti-inflammatory function and stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid causing the characteristic pain that occurs can be reduced by joint wear. Hyaluronic acid is also the main component of synovia. For those who have suffered from joint problems taking extra glucosamine may, therefore, be advisable. Many people can use them even reduce the use of painkillers. Where painkillers can have many side effects and only for the stomach of alchemilla and glucosamine no known side effects.

Availability alchemilla

Supplements based on Alchemilla are available in the Netherlands brands to include A. Vogel, La Drome, VSM and Lamers. A. Vogel’s products in most drug stores and available online. You then have the choice of Alchemilla Complex and Alchemilla glucosamine.

A. Vogel Alchemilla complex next Alchemilla Vulgaris also includes field horsetail ( Equisetum arvense ), Holly ( Ilex aquiform ), comfrey ( Symphytum officinale ), calcium hydrogen phosphate and oyster shell. In A. Vogel Alchemilla glucosamine you also will find the ingredients plantain ( Plantago lanceolata ) and aspen ( Populus tremuloides ).

June 26, 2016

Stomach problems: what foods to eat to stomach pain? tips

Stomach complaints have to do very often with stress. Stress causes strain on the abdomen stores a result of which the stomach is put under pressure. Stomach Complaints may lead to the phenomenon of a “weak stomach,” where you can suffer long-term sensitive digestion. In that case, may result in the least time of stress to pain in the stomach or heartburn. For stomach problems, you should make sure you include enough energy to avoid fatigue and weakness. An easily digestible pasta is also better suited for digestion than fiber bread. Food that excites is not recommended gastric, think for example of citrus fruits, legumes, and onions. What can best food in the stomach, and what diet with easily digestible food is appropriate?

Man with stomacha che

Man with stomacha che

Stomach problems and nutrition

Having upset stomach can be physically and mentally very annoying. If you have problems with your stomach, you are going to get less appetite naturally. You will record less food and less energy, and thus, you’ll soon feel weaker. The weaker you feel, the more your mind is undergoing suffering. It’s in the stomach that you record calories give your body energy. If this feature is complicated and, for example, stomach pain occurs, then the operation of your entire body at risk. A crucial issue for stomach complaints is that you eat less because you’re in pain, just as they may weaken. This can reduce your resistance, which can cause new health problems.

Stomach upset and stress

Stress is one of the most common inciting factors of gastric problems. Stomach problems are often the result of prolonged stress, pressure, and stress. The problem is that chronic stress will develop a voltage to the stomach making you more will breathe from your chest. That then creates again a difficult breathing which creates even more stress. Prolonged stress that is not channeled or in a bad way can lead to stomach pain, gastritis, and ulcers. Eventually, this can lead to persistently have suffered from a “bad” or “weak stomach.”

What food to stomach pain?

In severe stomach problems, you will have to undergo a strict diet, together with appropriate medicines for the stomach, such as Zantac. Zantac is a fairly well-known remedy for stomach pain that a protective layer pulls in your stomach making it more resistant to irritants. Also remedies for heartburn may temporarily relieve symptoms such as heartburn or mild stomach pain. In general, it can be said that you consider an upset stomach to stick to the following nutrition tips.

Healthy Foods

If the stomach heavy and edgy feel, it comes down to saving allowing him to recover to him as possible gradually. White bread is pretty light to digest and less heavy than white bread. Do not start again with fiber bread if improvement is noticeable. Also, rusks and dry biscuits are suitable not too hard to put pressure on the stomach. If you also wish to spare your stomach and want to record additional energy than honey cookies the appropriate food.



Pasta is easily digestible and provides at the same time a lot of energy. Pasta possesses many carbohydrates that are quickly absorbed by the stomach, much faster than potatoes. Pasta is a good way while placing an undue burden the stomach and still absorb sufficient energy. It helps you feel less tired and weak.


Yogurt is a soft product that is light on the stomach and can give you energy. Also, a fruit yogurt also has a great taste, which is good for morale, especially when your stomach prevents you from eating a lot of sweet. Some people with stomach pain also benefit by regularly drinking a glass of milk.

Small portions

Eat at mild stomach upset portions, so you do not give too much work at one time your stomach. Give your stomach some time to recover from the stomach problem. An additional useful tip is: if you feel better going with your stomach, take one or two extra days to easily digestible food to eat. Give your stomach a little extra time to get back to the old again.


What not to eat for stomach problems?

Tingling avoid

Some foods you can avoid most if you are suffering from stomach pain. The point in particular that the stomach is not unduly stimulated or irritated by certain foods. Sometimes it comes to food that in itself is very healthy (e.g.,. Lemon), but where your stomach is best not burdened with it if it is not functioning optimally.


  • citrus
  • legume
  • Onions and garlic
  • spicy and peppery food
  • fat foods such as french fries fast food and sauces
  • coffee
  • alcohol
May 22, 2016

The healing power of butter

Butter is wrongly tarnished when it comes to cardiovascular disease. Around the year 1900, there were virtually no heart illness and butter consumption were much higher. In the US they ate 9 kilos per person. In the year 1960 had dropped to 2 kilograms per person. Scientists link then the significant number of heart patients in 1960, butter consumption. Nobody asked about the scientific evidence. They heard a scientist say so it must be true. 50 years later, humanity attaches less value to the authorities and ask some people think their brain cells are moving by itself after.


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April 22, 2016

Stay slim Christmas and New Year: Tips

The holidays around Christmas and New Year are very intense, and certainly in the culinary field. It is eaten very tasty and excessive in most cases and drunk. Sin against all that is good, takes a little effort. The challenge is also to pursue a healthy and varied diet during the holidays. It is the only way to maintain your weight and not having to start the New Year with some crash diet. respect the food pyramid is very important. A few tips can help you stay slim during the Christmas period and the transition from old to new.


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April 01, 2016

How to cut the dog’s claws

How to cut the dog’s claws


Dog is considered as the most truthful friend of your child. Playing with dog can help to occupy your child at home all day. To cut the claws of a dog with a nail clipper (adapted to the dog’s claws), put it standing on the table, behind left.

Start with the back legs. By placing your left arm over the dog’s back, catch his left hind leg and bring the clamp holding on his right hand, placing your right arm in front of the dog’s chest, under his head.

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March 06, 2016

How to occupy the kids in the car?

Many people traveling by car are prone to sickness, which can manifest itself in the form of various symptoms: headache, nausea, vomiting. Children under two years are rarely affected; but it is a problem far more recurring from 3 years. If you do not want to use medication against the sickness, this tip offers a natural alternative: essential oils.

Even though they are natural, essential oils are very powerful and cons-indicated before the age of 3, including inhalation. After this age, it is used with caution in strict accordance with the dosages.

Essential oils of citrus


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February 06, 2016

Ideas: recycling craft to decorate your home cheaply

No budget decor for your garden? This is not a reason for doing nothing!

Zero budgets do not mean zero ideas. Here is how some of ideas can embellish the garden with recovery and engineering materials. Most of these can be done on your own, are achievable with current tools you have already had. If you are not equipped but you like the concept of Second Life objects, perhaps is it a good motivation to start to equip yourself. You will probably find a lot of fun with this new hobby. And on this article, we hope these ideas will be helpful for you.


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January 21, 2016

What is a nosebleed or “epistaxis”?

A nosebleed is epistaxis also called bleeding from the nasal passages, usually flowing through the nostrils but sometimes in the pharynx. Epistaxis is often mild; however, certain medical or traumatic situations may be responsible for severe bleeding.


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December 17, 2015

Sports for children with a chronic illness

We hear it more and more: sport is healthy for body and mind, exercise is good for young and old. But what if your child is suffering from a chronic disease? Can and should they therefore exercise? Children and adolescents with chronic conditions need exercise. The choice of sporting activities may not be as extensive and depends on the disorder but sports are highly recommended.

The importance of sports for children and adolescents with a chronic condition

For children and adolescents with a chronic condition, sport and exercise as important as for healthy children. Whether the child now suffers from diabetes, asthma, ADHD, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, congenital heart disease or autism, physical activity is necessary for a balanced growth both physically and mentally. Sports is a part of their growth process. It comes only to choose, in consultation with the doctor, a sport that can handle the child and that it feels good. Some children will benefit from team sports, individual sports for other children be moreappropriate. By sports going children develop social skills and often change their self-image in the positive sense. They gain confidence and have a sense of belonging, which for a child is very important.

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