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On this blog, you will find advice on beauty, health and well-being with the plants and all that nature has to offer.

The authors of this blog are going to share with you:

– DIY Recipes to take care of yourself and others.

– Products testing to have a better understanding of health care products, not be fooled by ambient marketing.

– Pro tips to better use aromatherapy, essential oils, massage, organic beauty.

– Tips on using your home appliances correctly and effectively.

WARNING: This blog is for informational purposes focused on beauty and wellness naturally. The information presented on this website can in no way replace the advice of a doctor, only able to diagnose and to treat.

For any use of essential oils and plants for therapeutic purposes, consult a doctor. Whatever your condition, thank you to always consult a physician and / or pharmacist before consuming essential oil or a plant extract.

Information is endless. We hope to receive your contribution in responses and comments on each post.

Happy reading!