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June 26, 2016

Stomach problems: what foods to eat to stomach pain? tips

Stomach complaints have to do very often with stress. Stress causes strain on the abdomen stores a result of which the stomach is put under pressure. Stomach Complaints may lead to the phenomenon of a “weak stomach,” where you can suffer long-term sensitive digestion. In that case, may result in the least time of stress to pain in the stomach or heartburn. For stomach problems, you should make sure you include enough energy to avoid fatigue and weakness. An easily digestible pasta is also better suited for digestion than fiber bread. Food that excites is not recommended gastric, think for example of citrus fruits, legumes, and onions. What can best food in the stomach, and what diet with easily digestible food is appropriate?

Man with stomacha che

Man with stomacha che

Stomach problems and nutrition

Having upset stomach can be physically and mentally very annoying. If you have problems with your stomach, you are going to get less appetite naturally. You will record less food and less energy, and thus, you’ll soon feel weaker. The weaker you feel, the more your mind is undergoing suffering. It’s in the stomach that you record calories give your body energy. If this feature is complicated and, for example, stomach pain occurs, then the operation of your entire body at risk. A crucial issue for stomach complaints is that you eat less because you’re in pain, just as they may weaken. This can reduce your resistance, which can cause new health problems.

Stomach upset and stress

Stress is one of the most common inciting factors of gastric problems. Stomach problems are often the result of prolonged stress, pressure, and stress. The problem is that chronic stress will develop a voltage to the stomach making you more will breathe from your chest. That then creates again a difficult breathing which creates even more stress. Prolonged stress that is not channeled or in a bad way can lead to stomach pain, gastritis, and ulcers. Eventually, this can lead to persistently have suffered from a “bad” or “weak stomach.”

What food to stomach pain?

In severe stomach problems, you will have to undergo a strict diet, together with appropriate medicines for the stomach, such as Zantac. Zantac is a fairly well-known remedy for stomach pain that a protective layer pulls in your stomach making it more resistant to irritants. Also remedies for heartburn may temporarily relieve symptoms such as heartburn or mild stomach pain. In general, it can be said that you consider an upset stomach to stick to the following nutrition tips.

Healthy Foods

If the stomach heavy and edgy feel, it comes down to saving allowing him to recover to him as possible gradually. White bread is pretty light to digest and less heavy than white bread. Do not start again with fiber bread if improvement is noticeable. Also, rusks and dry biscuits are suitable not too hard to put pressure on the stomach. If you also wish to spare your stomach and want to record additional energy than honey cookies the appropriate food.



Pasta is easily digestible and provides at the same time a lot of energy. Pasta possesses many carbohydrates that are quickly absorbed by the stomach, much faster than potatoes. Pasta is a good way while placing an undue burden the stomach and still absorb sufficient energy. It helps you feel less tired and weak.


Yogurt is a soft product that is light on the stomach and can give you energy. Also, a fruit yogurt also has a great taste, which is good for morale, especially when your stomach prevents you from eating a lot of sweet. Some people with stomach pain also benefit by regularly drinking a glass of milk.

Small portions

Eat at mild stomach upset portions, so you do not give too much work at one time your stomach. Give your stomach some time to recover from the stomach problem. An additional useful tip is: if you feel better going with your stomach, take one or two extra days to easily digestible food to eat. Give your stomach a little extra time to get back to the old again.


What not to eat for stomach problems?

Tingling avoid

Some foods you can avoid most if you are suffering from stomach pain. The point in particular that the stomach is not unduly stimulated or irritated by certain foods. Sometimes it comes to food that in itself is very healthy (e.g.,. Lemon), but where your stomach is best not burdened with it if it is not functioning optimally.


  • citrus
  • legume
  • Onions and garlic
  • spicy and peppery food
  • fat foods such as french fries fast food and sauces
  • coffee
  • alcohol

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