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May 22, 2016

The healing power of butter

Butter is wrongly tarnished when it comes to cardiovascular disease. Around the year 1900, there were virtually no heart illness and butter consumption were much higher. In the US they ate 9 kilos per person. In the year 1960 had dropped to 2 kilograms per person. Scientists link then the significant number of heart patients in 1960, butter consumption. Nobody asked about the scientific evidence. They heard a scientist say so it must be true. 50 years later, humanity attaches less value to the authorities and ask some people think their brain cells are moving by itself after.


Butter is good for the thyroid and adrenal

Butter is a natural product. It consists of the fats that are in milk. There is virtually no lactose is more butter. People with lactose allergy may just eat butter. There are all kinds of healthy substances in butter. It contains the most vitamin A. This vitamin is good for the whole body and the in particular thyroid and the adrenal gland. If you suffer from either of these, and you eat margarine, then it is good for your health to switch to butter.

Well against fungi, bacteria, and viruses

It contains lauric acid in butter. That works well against all fungi, viruses, and bacteria. Lauric acid is, for example, an active drug against candida fungal infections. Also, it works against the following bacteria and viruses: HIV, cytomegalovirus (CMV), Herpes simplex (HSV), ringworm, Candida albicans, Helicobacter pylori, Propionibacterium acnes (causing acne), Staphylococcus epidermis, and Staphylococcus aureus.

Butter contains antioxidants

Antioxidants are in many healthy foods such as fruit, vegetables, and green tea. The New Age movement runs all the way to green tea because of the antioxidants it contains. That is not unjustified, but people sometimes forget that just sit antioxidants in butter, for example, the veins through which blood flows make elastic. Free radicals are not only eliminated by the consumption of vegetables, fruit, and tea, but also by eating butter. Free radicals cause all kinds of damage to cells and DNA. Excessive cell damage and DNA damage can lead to tumor formation. Butter food helps prevent cancer.


Vitamins A, D, E and K

Apart from vitamin A include butter lot of vitamin D, E and vitamin K. The mineral selenium is largely in butter for. Butter is thus a rich source of vitamins. Vitamin D is but little vegetable diet so it can not hurt to eat butter for vegetarians. Vitamin D promotes the absorption of calcium.

Saturated fats found in butter

Butter is loaded with saturated fats. Science is not about whether these saturated fats are healthy or unhealthy. Some scientists say they fight cancer, others that they just cause cancer. It is, therefore, time that it is going to make a distinction between saturated fats that are derived from vegetable products on an industrial scale and saturated fats from animal fat in the form of butter. The milk from which cream butter is extracted is intended to indicate to young animals and mother nature it can still have just not provided with bad substances? The suspicion that industrial products cause cancer and butter just fights cancer.

Butter contains linoleic acid

Unilever boasts margarine, industrial, linoleic acid containing fake butter. The linoleic acid is long not as healthy as the naturally occurring linoleic acid in butter. Natural linoleic acid causes the fat burning is promoted! This means that butter tackles obesity. That’s good news for people who love butter, but fears have been talking through commercials and sponsored propaganda of the nutrition center by the industry which has found its way into the Dutch educational system. That’s right, even in the education of pupils and students are stuffed with lies.

Activator X in butter

Activator X is a vitamin that is just not quite officially discovered but which have the effect is known. It protects against cavities in your teeth, makes for a healthy heart because the chronic inflammation at the cellular level resists, is good for the thyroid and causes children to grow normally. Also, X activator stimulates the uptake of minerals in the body.

Healthy cholesterol

Myth: cholesterol leads to heart disease, is stubbornly maintained by Dutch commercial institutes. No cholesterol is responsible for arteriosclerosis but oxidized cholesterol. That means you should get lots of antioxidants to prevent cardiovascular problems. Cholesterol is often in the wrong light but that’s unfair. The brains consist mostly of cholesterol. Especially for proper brain development in children, it is wise to eat butter instead of the fake plastic butter that must commend major manufacturers believe. Except that cholesterol is essential for the production of brain cells, it is necessary for a healthy functioning of the nervous system.

Arachidonic acid in butter

Another way in which butter is good for the brains because it contains arachidonic acid. This acid is one of the essential fats. It is present in cell membranes. Arachidonic acid is an omega-6-fatty acid, and it helps the heart to prevent heart attacks. That is a scientific fact that totally against the often heard gossip enters the butter would be bad for the heart.


Butter is healthier than margarine

There are many scientific studies showing that people who eat lots of butter have fewer heart attacks. There is a study which has found that when people smoke and drink the risk of a heart attack is not as big as it does so simultaneously with eating butter. Margarine, however, is just that a primary cause of heart attacks, so have found independent scientists. It should be clear that these types of investigations are not carried by Unilever of this world in their claims would be about how bad butter.

Why do we think that butter is bad?

Scientifically, it is much healthier than the butter tasteless margarine food manufacturers. The biggest difference is in advertising which is propaganda. Therefore believe many people’wet’ which butter is bad. This is a result of the work of university-trained psychologists who have become marketers to put a whole world on the wrong foot.

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