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April 22, 2016

Stay slim Christmas and New Year: Tips

The holidays around Christmas and New Year are very intense, and certainly in the culinary field. It is eaten very tasty and excessive in most cases and drunk. Sin against all that is good, takes a little effort. The challenge is also to pursue a healthy and varied diet during the holidays. It is the only way to maintain your weight and not having to start the New Year with some crash diet. respect the food pyramid is very important. A few tips can help you stay slim during the Christmas period and the transition from old to new.


Christmas and New Year are celebrated

December is a month of hell in terms of festivals and enjoy. Besides Christmas and New Year you have Santa Claus. You have to eat more food without you actually still feel like it. However, you have little choice and hear tasty and (excessive) food now once in this period. Also in December, you can stay healthy and varied food, and also keep moving enough. It is perfectly possible to deviate from your healthy lifestyle even off during the Christmas and New Year’s days. You are, after all, not fat these days. Thick you get only if you eat standing unhealthy in the long term. Try it during the holidays to mind that – as far as possible – eat what the food pyramid recommends.

A balanced and healthy diet: the food pyramid

A balanced and healthy diet from the food pyramid pursuit includes finding the right balance between the micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements), macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats and dietary fiber) and water. The active food is the basis of nutrition recommendations in this category. The triangle consists of nine layers, each of eight groups for food and one layer for exercise. The choice and the classification of the various groups is based on the application of nutrients. The largest group contains more products that are necessary for a balanced diet. Triangle summit includes foods that are not really necessary for a healthy diet. In short, one can eat healthy described as follows:

  • Balanced diet: select respect from different food groups and proportions.
  • Varied food: vary within each group of the triangle in the food.
  • Moderate food: respect the recommended daily amount.

Tips to stay slim during the holidays

All your diet work should not be lost during the calorie December. A few tips can help you still maintain your slim line during the holidays.


Provide your own dessert

If you provide dessert, then you know exactly what ingredients you use and that it will be a healthy dessert. Be prepared and set to the family that you will personally take care of dessert. There are hundreds of healthy desserts that fit perfectly into a diet. Moreover, it will be even healthier than traditional yule or ice cream cakes.

Calories, also in alcohol

If you count the calories during the Christmas or New Year dinner, then your best also keep in mind the calories contained in alcohol. The aperitif and wine at the table shelter Indeed, a lot of calories. Of course, you can have a drink. The best options are a glass of champagne or red wine. Red wine also has many health benefits.

Continue sports

When an excessive intake of calories during the holidays, do well to keep exercising. It would be a shame to walk around frustrated during this festive season because you can not enjoy all the goodies. In between what sports can do wonders to keep you in a slim line. Intense exercise is absolutely not necessary. You are best served with aerobic endurance sports such as walking, running or biking.

Do not go on an empty stomach at table

Make sure your stomach is well stocked when you go to a New Year party. With an empty stomach is the temptation too great to eat too many appetizers. home eat a light meal such as a salad or a sandwich before you go to a party. Drinking water can help to stave off hunger.


Diet always together

Diets do your best by two. Search during this festive season a friend or relative who wants to stay slim during this calorie period. You can together decide what you eat and what you absolutely do not want to eat. With two, you can also keep each other in the eye….

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