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April 01, 2016

How to cut the dog’s claws

How to cut the dog’s claws


Dog is considered as the most truthful friend of your child. Playing with dog can help to occupy your child at home all day. To cut the claws of a dog with a nail clipper (adapted to the dog’s claws), put it standing on the table, behind left.

Start with the back legs. By placing your left arm over the dog’s back, catch his left hind leg and bring the clamp holding on his right hand, placing your right arm in front of the dog’s chest, under his head.

You have to have the ability to hold firmly, even to immobilize if he/she starts moving. The right hind leg will be held in the left hand, left arm from under the tail and between the dog’s thighs. The left front paw is also held with the left hand, left arm is passed over the dog’s withers.

Once paw is under control, take each finger separately and considerably cut the tip of the claw. Care about what you leave, not what you take. If the claw is clear, you can see the matrix (the flesh) through.

Cut half a millimeter before it to avoid pain and bleeding. If dark claw, content yourself with blunt slightly. A claw seems short, square toe, has little or no need to be cut, while an obviously long nail, out very sharp, take you more time.

Generally, all tapered portion consists only of horn and can be removed safely. Do not forget the dewclaws on forelegs and sometimes back. If a label has pushed so that it is bent in the pad, first cut off the end with a straight clamp and adjust to the desired length.

If you cut too short and it bleeds, immediately apply a few grains of potassium permanganate, which instantly stops the bleeding.

How to cut the nails of a dog yourself?

How to cut the nails of a dog without making a nightmare?


It is possible that your pet does not like to touch his legs, precisely; we will see all the technique in 4 steps for how to cut the nails of a dog.

Before cutting the nails of your dog, try to manipulate all four legs regularly e.g. 3 times a week for 5 minutes over a period of approximately fifteen days, depending on its character. If your dog is already accustomed, so the battle to cut his nails is half won.

Cut the nails of your dog with Furminator

You will need to buy a claw cut to successfully cut the nails of your dog. It is important to have you specialized equipment to trim your dog’s nails. You can obtain the best cutting claw dog “the furminator”.

The claw-cutting Furminator is of professional quality, it allows easy maintenance of your dog’s nails.

Keep caring nails your dog is essential for well-being and health. That’s why I suggest you cut the claws-Furminator, it is both easy to use but also pleasant to handle for safe and efficient cutting.

How to cut the nails of a dog yourself?


Here technique in 4 steps to cut the nails of a dog:

You have three positions to trim a dog’s nails

The first is to place the dog in position “sitting” next to you; the second is to put in a “lying” position and the third in the “upright” position.

If you have a small dog, you can even put your dog on your lap while you cut his nails.

Now begin:

1 – First, Take your dog’s paw in your hand and gently remove all the dirt around his nail.

2 – Locate the living part of the nail – you want to avoid the vein. It is very important to locate the nail vein before cutting; dogs that have black claws are unfortunately less easy to cut as those with transparent nail. Try to cut only the inert part. Do not cut too short.

3 – If you accidentally cut too short, do not panic! It will bleed profusely; do compressions on the nail cut with a piece of cotton or gauze and cold water and press firmly for about two minutes.

4 – Repeat the process to cut the nails every three months and remember the tabs inside the front and rear legs of certain breeds of dogs.

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