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March 06, 2016

How to occupy the kids in the car?

Many people traveling by car are prone to sickness, which can manifest itself in the form of various symptoms: headache, nausea, vomiting. Children under two years are rarely affected; but it is a problem far more recurring from 3 years. If you do not want to use medication against the sickness, this tip offers a natural alternative: essential oils.

Even though they are natural, essential oils are very powerful and cons-indicated before the age of 3, including inhalation. After this age, it is used with caution in strict accordance with the dosages.

Essential oils of citrus


Against sickness, the citrus essential oils can act as an anti-nausea and mild analgesic. They also aid digestion.  For use in car, you can soak a tissue or a cotton ball to hold on to the place that suits you (rearview mirror, headrest …).  Two drops suffice, using the essential oils of orange or tangerine.

  • Be careful, not to soak a larger dose of essential oils, as in a confined space such as a car, they diffuse very effectively.
  • Be aware that these oils are photosensitizing and should therefore under no circumstances be applied to the skin.

With respect to safe trip, being aware of the benefits and cons-indications, you may be lucky enough to spend a drive without discomfort!

During a trip, keeping babies in car is not easy. The little ones do not have the same concept of time with adult: the trip can quickly seem too long, which will create impatience, boredom, nervousness, screaming and crying in the worst case. We offer this simple trick tested and approved by parents.

Parents often offer toys or stuffed animals to a baby with a desire that their children will take time picking up; by game or by mistake, any proposed object is usually found in soil in less than a minute. Back to the previous situation!

To avoid this, you can attach to the hull of a toy arch a universal attachment system. Many games are offered. Depending on the model, various mobile is hooked, that will attract the attention of your child and they will have fun. Touching, catch, move, making sounds: these actions also contribute to the awakening of children.


Finally, having a good time, baby will be calmer, if not a little tired, so it’s ideal for sleeping.

Another game to keep the kids in the car, available for 2 or 3 years when children can recognize colors. Game can also prevent them from getting sick as watching the road!

The game

The game is to launch a competition to guess the color of the next car that your car will pass. It takes a person to record the winners. Ideal for a child begins to read and count.

The reward

If you want to motivate the troops, you can put a lot at stake for the winner. For example, the first child gets 20 points receives a small surprise, a sweet or have right to choose three songs in a row to listen … to express your desires and habits of the family.

This game can be done at any age, but it is even more useful with a child learning to recognize colors.

If you are looking for other tips to keep kids on the way to a holiday, we have chosen to present a “workshop for child.” This house organizer car was manufactured by a mother to her 2 year old daughter.

Easy to be manufactured

This workshop is designed and sewn like a big pocket in a textile piece, with a multitude of smaller pockets. Each pocket has a specific content to find stuff more easily: books, blanket, small toys, pencils…


This customizable workshop can therefore adapt to playing habits and tastes of each child. For inspiration, please check out the car organizers commercially available or in childcare stores.

Inside the large pocket, it is possible to insert a sheet of cardboard or lightweight plastic for use as design support that is lowered on the knees. We can also drag surprises. Of course, you can simply buy a car organizer: not only can they prevent you to turn every 5 minutes, but they also protect the back seats of small muddy feet.

With this accessory, with the variety of activities available to them, the cases are no longer scattered, and everything is handy for entertaining.

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