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February 07, 2016

Why choose a round trampoline?

When it comes to purchasing a trampoline, shape is one of the most important factors. Especially, for people at the first time buying a trampoline, it is a challengeable task. Deciding the right shape brings tons of benefits to your family. Among the plenty of trampoline shapes, round trampolines brings lots of fun to jumpers. While rectangular trampolines are for athletes or gymnasts, most of families choose round shape for sharing fantastic moments together. Round trampolines are great for placing in backyard. Let we tell you the reasons why round trampoline is popularly used in many families nowadays.

Why choose a round trampoline?

Soft Bounces

Professionals advise parents to choose the round trampolines for their kids. One fact is that all springs of the round trampoline are equally divided. Therefore, it helps create softer bounces than other shapes. Soft bounce is completely suitable for small jumpers and the usability in small backyards. Moreover, with the slower bounces, it minimizes the injuries and high impact on children, beginners or intermediate users. These factors explain the reason why round trampolines become one of the best-selling items in this day and age.

Affordable Price

Because round trampolines are designed for home use, they are very affordable. An effective round trampoline fits most types of budget well. A question raised in our mind is what makes the model become so reasonable? Wow, the answer is very simple. That is because round trampoline needs lighter frame and less added support to build up its construction. Then, it saves money of purchasers.

Various Weight Limits

For families with many members, various weight limits play an essential role in the decision of determining a trampoline. Round trampolines come with a variety of weight limits to be suitable for different members of your family. For instance, 8 to 10 foot trampolines offer 200 to 250 pounds of weight capacity, whereas, 12 foot size allows 250 to 300 pounds in weight limit. If you need large weight capacity, 14 to 16 foot trampoline is a great option. It permits up to 250 pounds to 400 pounds of weight capacity.

Large jumping surface

Most of families choose 14 foot trampolines as an ideal option for placing in their backyard. The 14 foot size is suitable for jumpers at a wide range of ages. It helps ensure the maximum of safety when using this type of round trampoline.


You could be rest assured about the remarkable durability of round trampolines. This wonderful feature comes from the equipment of galvanized steel frame, T- brackets, strong and UV polyethylene mat. Thanks to these factors, it enhances the durability of round trampolines in an effective way. The model could be used outdoor and under different weather conditions such as wind, rain, storm, etc…In order to improve the safety of using round trampolines, reducing the spring size is an important requirement. It implies that round trampolines are completely safe for beginners, children or jumpers with less jumping skills.

In conclusion, a round trampoline features all you need for enjoying fantastic jumping moments. A safe round trampoline should include necessary accessories including safety net, ladders, padded frame and durable mat. Quickly order it now and enjoy all of its fabulous features.

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