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February 06, 2016

Ideas: recycling craft to decorate your home cheaply

No budget decor for your garden? This is not a reason for doing nothing!

Zero budgets do not mean zero ideas. Here is how some of ideas can embellish the garden with recovery and engineering materials. Most of these can be done on your own, are achievable with current tools you have already had. If you are not equipped but you like the concept of Second Life objects, perhaps is it a good motivation to start to equip yourself. You will probably find a lot of fun with this new hobby. And on this article, we hope these ideas will be helpful for you.


  1. A palisade


Here is an original way to delineate the dining area in the garden. The palisade paneling, painted in almond green, is enhanced by a perforated board’s patchwork. Do not throw the pieces of cleats from your various crafts or door frames you have removed!

These old shutters and exotic pieces are found here another utility to pale the wall so that plants can climb on it.

  1. Light!

This is perhaps the only ideas among these achievements for which we need a very special tool – a wheel glazier, less than 10 Euros – in order to achieve the beautiful shade of this devilishly original suspension.

Another idea of festive lighting is manufacturing in lanterns. Drill them with big drills or metal bit. In the bottom, put a tea light or a small wireless LED spotlight that illuminates pressure (about 2 Euros).

  1. A green wall

Planters that will brighten up the brick wall are old gutters zinc. Emphasize plants as a clash staggered at equal heights and drill them in the background, like flower pots.

  1. A container Decor


The first who said that old can does no point in the garden is all wrong! Cut them into two, they can serve as barbecue brazier or even containers to burn the leaves (regularly use at certain times and seasons). Attention! This remains artisanal and quite dangerous for children.

Here is a much more refined reuse old can. If you have more, why not make a round in the garden instead of doing square like everyone else?

Even the used paint cans which are painted in bright colors can be reused in the garden vases or flower pots.

How to decorate your garden? 7 mistakes to avoid for arrange your garden

Having your green corner is your dearest dream. How to do things right from the start to not prevent your Garden of Eden becomes a hell?

Error # 1: make one space

Draw your plan in advance and plan the garden spaces, relax, barbecue, playground … The garden should be compartmentalized!

Error # 2: abandon the mood

The furniture and plants you choose will automatically give an atmosphere to your garden. Remember that it is a place to live! Take great care to the type of plants and materials you will use. Buy all your furniture together. Zen, nature, contemporary … do not mix!

Error # 3: succumbing to the accumulation

Install chairs, a bench, a chair-swing, ottomans, table and chairs to make it pleasant. But do not overdo it! The garden is primarily a convivial space in which to breathe fresh air. So let nature take its place!

Error 4: not having the spirit practice

We need your garden is accessible. Imagine you standing at the outset stroll through the aisles. install the swing away from your favorite plants.

Error 5: garden is just a garden

The garden is also considered as a part of the house. Bring a decorative touch even in places where it may seem unnecessary. Show off a beautiful collection of flower pots, install a romantic pergola, put picture frames on the walls of the terrace, hang a pretty empty bird cage.

Mistake # 6: too small areas

Squares greenery are increasingly a privilege today. Everybody is not fortunate enough to have a big house with a garden, indeed. But even if one has a little corner to go green, do not make a miniature showcase. You also have the right to plant a tree, a real one, if you have the place and if you like.

Mistake # 7: Do not think of your garden


Deciding to develop a garden is good. And it is also the basis for organizing properly. Even if one does not necessarily make a garden as beautiful as the gardens of Versailles, it is necessary to think about the seasons, the interactions between flowers, trees and plants.

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